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Northern German company HASYTEC has tackled the problem of biofilms and organic and inorganic deposits. The result is an efficient and sustainable solution.

The issue of biofilms and deposits affects almost all industrial sectors. IDP is a technology that prevents the formation of organic and inorganic deposits on all liquid-bearing surfaces. In this process transducers are bonded from the outside to the equipment that is to be protected. A carefully selected two-component epoxy resin adhesive is used for this purpose. The generated ultrasonic signals penetrate the surface and propagate in the guided medium. There the sound waves prevent the adhesion of inorganic and organic deposits. As a result, biocorrosion is significantly reduced or even completely prevented.The topic of biofouling, deposits and biocorrosion is becoming increasingly important. This is not only due to ecological aspects. Maintaining economic competitiveness is also still indispensable. An important contribution can be made by saving operating resources, maintenance costs or even investment costs (replacement of defective plant parts). The combination of artificial intelligence and ultrasound is a sustainable and efficient solution.

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Exhibitor: HASYTEC Electronics GmbH


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