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Process machinery builder: for chewing gum, toffee, caramel, hard candy, fruit snacks, biscuits, pet food, etc. Extruders, continuous mixers, R&S, ball forming, cooling.

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PROFORM specializes in extrusion process and forming technology, designing and building individual machines or complete production lines for manufacturers of chewing and bubble gum, soft candies, toffee or caramel, hard candy, licorice, fruit gum or snacks, crackers, biscuits, pasta, animal feeds, as well as other pasty or viscous products… / Extruders/Co-Extruders / Filling Extruders / Continuous Mixing Extruders / Intruders / Continuous Mixing & Cooking Extruders for licorice or fruit snacks – with or without sugar paste fillings / Ball Forming Machines & Cooling Tables / Rolling & Scoring Lines, Stackers / Filling pumps or Units to make semi-liquid or powder filled products / Winders / C&W line: a range of Extruders & Cooling Tunnels to optimally feed your cut & wrap machines. For bubble or chewing gum, soft candy, toffee… For solid or filled products or with gelled fillings or toppings. For single or multicolor products or for layered ones. / Cooling Drum Line for Soft Candy or Toffee / And more…

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We are available to discuss your project with you. Manufacturers of chewing and bubble gum, soft candies, toffee or caramel, hard candy, licorice, fruit gum or snacks, crackers, biscuits, pasta, or pet food, should stop by for information about our production solutions. With our expertise in extrusion process and forming technology we have the experience and know-how to propose rational production lines that take into consideration an economical use of energy as well as machines designed for optimal hygiene. Our range: Extruders, Co-Extruders, Continuous Mixing & Blending Extruders, Continuous Mixing & Cooking Extruders Cooling Tunnels, Cooling Drums Vertical Batch Rollers, Rope Sizers for soft candies Complete Chewing Gum Production Lines – Ball Forming, Cut & Wrap, Rolling & Scoring sticks, pillows, tab Winding equipment to roll strips of gum or licorice with or without a center candy. Option boxing of product rolls

Complete Chewing Gum / Bubble Gum Production Lines

Ball Forming Machines
To shape spherical chewing or bubble gum, chewy candy or hard boiled candy…into spherical shapes with optional filling
Make mini & mammoth diameters on the same machine
Cooling Tables to cool products made on the Ball Forming Machine
Rolling & Scoring or Sheeting Lines - Ranging from 7’’/9’’/15’’/22’’ for bubble & chewing gum sticks, pillows, tab gum

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Processing Lines for Soft Candies, Toffee, Caramel

Cooling Drums of robust design, low maintenance, to continually cool toffee, caramel or nougat.
From lab size to 2500 kg/h. Single or double versions.

Vertical batch rollers & rope sizers shape the toffee, soft and chewy candies before cooling and wrapping.
Intruders 1 machine for 4 functions:
Cooling of hot, soft chew candy or toffee mass directly from the cooking system
In line crystallizing,
Mixing in of ingredients such as color etc
Feed ropes (up to 6) to continually feed forming lines

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Range of Extruders

Filling Extruders making single or double-filled lollipops
Extruders and Co-Extruders
To shape single, 2 or 3 color and or flavored ropes, with or without fillings for:
Bubble or Chewing Gum
Soft or Chewy Candy (grained or un-grained)
Hard Boiled Candy
Mixing and Blending Extruders to continuously produce:
high quality bubble gum or chewing gum
pasta or noodle dough
cereal based mixtures
crystallize or grain chewy candy
continuous blend neutral chewy candy, with color and flavor

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