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Since 1879 the WP BAKERYGROUP covers with its bakery technology the entire process chain of baking from mixing, dividing and moulding to proofing, cooling, loading and baking.

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The WP BAKERYGROUP Since 1879 the WP BAKERYGROUP covers with its bakery technology the entire process chain of baking from mixing, dividing and moulding to proofing, cooling, loading and baking. The portfolio is rounded off by the areas of fat baking, lye application and industrial bakery technology. Innovation and performance have made WP BAKERYGROUP world-class in the field of special mechanical engineering for the bakery industry. Many of the group companies have been market leaders for decades, if not for centuries. Together they draw on their more than 140 years of experience and tradition and pursue to claim: WP solutions can help produce baked goods of particularly high quality!

Werner & Pfleiderer Lebensmitteltechnik GmbH
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91550 Dinkelsbühl

Phone: +49 9851 905-0
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Products and Services

The WP BAKERYGROUP is the world's largest manufacturer of machinery and equipment for bakery business of all sizes. This is reflected at this year’s exhibition stand: WP Artisan is the section in which the WP BAKERYGROUP presents machines for artisan bakers, with which end products of outstanding quality can be produced, both visually and in terms of taste.

The motto “Think process!” combines various brands with technology for industrial large-scale production. WP PIZZA, WP DONUT, WP ROLL and WP TOAST demonstrate the German global market leader's internationally unrivaled process competence that covers the entire spectrum from single machine to entire lines and industrial engineering systems. WP FUTURE presents future projects of WP BAKERYGROUP. The Group invests heavily in research and development and is continuously involved in future and research projects to provide new solutions for changing customer requirements.

Mixer KRONOS digital The intelligent spiral mixer

Stops the mixing process at the optimal time

The KRONOS digital develops a feeling for the dough. Its implanted expert knowledge bank is based on extensive experience. It knows when to end the mixing process and always delivers identical, completely reproducible dough qualities - independently of staff training and experience. It is also extremely easy to operate. The KRONOS digital performs all tasks as soon as it is given the signal to start.

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Dough divider V 700 Industrial dough divider with Voluminator

Suitable for all common dough types Suitable for wheat, wheat/rye, multigrain, whole wheat doughs, as well for stiff pizza doughs as for soft (French) doughs. Pressure regulation between 70 and 100%.

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Rack oven ROTOTHERM Green

Unique features guarantee energy-efficient baking without compromise The ROTOTHERM® GREEN baking cabinet with rotating rack trolley leads the way. Profitable oven technology combines best-quality baking results with high energy efficiency. Excellent baking results with a certified reduction in energy consumption by 28.7

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News & Innovations

Industrial Soft Bun Systems

What matters when it comes to hamburger buns and hot dog buns

Consumers value a product like fresh from the oven after unpacking, thus a long shelf life and freshness of the buns are particularly important. Just like the fine crumb structure of the hamburger buns and hot dog buns - but also for the packaging of the buns a consistent, standardized quality and exact processing are absolutely essential. Burger buns made from brioche dough are a growing trend on the hamburger market, as well as finger rolls or hoagies.

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Which mixer is the best for your dough?

From the WP Baking Center in Rietberg, WP Kemper demonstrates the production of sowheat bread dough, brioche dough, baguette dough and mixed-wheat dough. This presentation demonstrates the differences between the UC PRO helix mixer and the KRONOS PRO spiral mixer. We are delighted to have you with us!

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WP BakeryControl. The central software for your bakery.

The WP BakeryControl software is the repository and controller of all your baking data. The app allows storage, display and export of oven, recipe and production data. Installation via plug&play is child’s play, and the software can run on your mobile devices at any time.

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