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Since 75 years Heinrich Frey Maschinenbau GmbH belongs to the worldwide leading manufacturers of filling stuffers in the food industry.

About us

Since 75 years Heinrich Frey Maschinenbau GmbH belongs to the worldwide leading manufacturers of filling stuffers in the food industry. In the third generation, Martin Frey and Heinrich Frey continue to lead the medium-sized company. Heinrich Frey Maschinenbau GmbH is present in more than 80 countries worldwide. As a system solver, Frey offers a variety of attachments, from the Hamburger line to machines for forming round products, sausage cutting machines and much more. The machines' portfolio ranges from a small piston stuffer with a capacity of 20 litres to an industrial vacuum stuffer. The machines are suitable for the artisan butcher and the industrial production of food. Direct contact and permanent communication with our customers is top priority. We are always at your disposal with a first-class and quick service. This is assured thanks to our worldwide distribution network.

Heinrich Frey Maschinenbau GmbH
Fischerstr. 20
89542 Herbrechtingen

Phone: +49 7324 172-0
Fax: +49 7324 172-44
Internet: www.frey-online.com

Contact person

Ralf Schürmer
Sales Manager
Phone: +49 170 4395180
Heinrich Frey
General Manager / Export Sales
Phone: +49 7324 1720
Beate Lillie
Export Sales Assistant
Phone: +49 7324 17242

Products and Services

Machines and equipment-lines for meat-processing Piston-stuffers and vacuum-stuffers for  sausagge-production (twist-linked or clipped) and ham-production Attachment-lines for sauage length control and hanging line minced meat products (minced portions, burgers, cevapcici, croquettes, etc.) forming of meatballs, burgers, dumplings, etc. KEBAP-production sausage-cutter in-line for butcher-craft shops, supermarkets and industrial productions.

Kebap Line KLB40

The new KLB40 is an attachment for the manufacture of exactly defined Doner kebab slices. Using programmable control technology, Doner kebab slices of various defined diameters and thicknesses can be portioned and formed,
one after the other, in the required numbers.
From the individual portions one can create an individually designed kebab skewer in terms of its form, weight and size

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Burgerline DMFB92 LIN/CAN - System for portioning and forming using low pressure technology

The line consists of a double knife, a CLB-unit and the forming belt FB30/50 for smoothing products. The forming belt produces products with round coins in
homestyle design. With the pneumatic double knife evendifficult products can be separated with a clear cut. The volume of portions, the diameter and height of the form are flexibly selectable

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News & Innovations

K-LINE KK500 - Continuous piston stuffer for the industry
K-Line works with a unique rotary piston system. Six rotating pistons are feeding the product after charging to the large dimensioned cover outlet. The Frey rotary piston system actually is the system which cares most for the product. Smearing effects are reduced to a minimum, thereby even critical products can optimally be produced. The result is a perfect filling finish also with temperatures of over 0°C. This makes the KK500 especially suitable for production plants producing half- and long keeping food and natural dried raw sausages. K-LINE KK500 achieves a filling performance of up to 8.500 kg/h and a filling pressure of up to 25 bar. The filling performance is up to 350 port./min.

KK500 can also especially be used for all sensible good and products with pieces inside. A patented interchangeable cutting edge ensures a clear separation of the product while charging the 500ml filling chambers. The KK500 therefore achieves a very high portioning exactness, a squeezing of the product is being avoided. An outlet optimally adapted to the material-flow (standard 65mm, optionally up to 75mm diameter) is treating the product extremely gently. All these measures consequently lead to a perfect final product.

The vacuum fillers have been presented in HD Design. All seals are now in hygiene colour blue, in dead-space-free construction. Constructively additional upstream back up seals have been installed, which can be replaced by the user himself.
The scrapers in the filling hoppers are made of detectable material and constructed loss-proved. All surfaces have been optimized conforming to the new hygienic standard. The result of this consequent construction is a modern and smooth design made of high quality stainless steel.
A simple dismounting and automatic cleaning process are building the perfect conditions for a little effort for cleaning and maintenance. The integrated cleaning-system in the loading-system of the KK500 (clean in place) is unique. By activating the system in the touch control panel the loading-system will automatically be cleaned with water.
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