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Emsland Group creates a diverse ingredient portfolio of vegetable proteins, clean label / modified starches, fibres, potato flakes & granules for use in variety food formulations.

About us

Emsland Group is a manufacturer of plant-based ingredients from renewable raw materials including potatoes and peas. The company uses nature to create a diverse ingredient portfolio of vegetable proteins, clean label and modified starches, fibres, potato flakes and granules for use in a wide variety of food formulations. Emsland Group specializes in the production, application and supply of plant-based ingredients to advance the constantly growing health and wellness market segment. At the show Emsland Group is presenting e.g. innovations of the pea protein isolate Empro®-range, provides important nutritional and functional benefits, our Emden® starches which are suitable for the production of gelatin-free confectionery as well as our latest Emwaxy® product developments, based on high amylopectin potato starch.

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Emsland Group
Emslandstr. 58
49824 Emlichheim

Phone: +49 5943 81-347
Internet: www.emsland-group.com

Office 22-L Gold Tower, Cluster I
Jumeirah Lake towers, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Phone: +90 5336990041
Internet: www.emsland-group.com

Products and Services

‘using nature to create’ – this guiding principle characterises the company philosophy behind the Emsland Group. Harvested raw materials are processed into innovative trendsetting quality products in tune with nature. The most important raw material is the potato.

Our starches and starch derivatives, vegetable potato and pea proteins and fibres as well as potato flakes and granules are used in confectionery, potato products, snacks, French Fries, desserts and dairy products, frozen foods, baked goods and fruit fillings, soups and sauces, jams, catering products, beverages, ketchup and mayonnaise, meat and meat alternatives.

We offer solutions for trends such as clean label, kosher & halal, gluten-free, fibre enriched, sustainability, acrylamide reduction, vegan as well as non-GMO raw materials.

Emden® ET

Emsland group has developed a range of confectionery starches that enable food manufacturers to develop gelatin-free jellies. Emden® ET 15 and Emden® ET 50
are multifunctional starches that are fast gelling and yield jellies with a high clarity and good elastic texture.

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Empro® E 86

Empro® E 86 works very good for TVP processes. As an improved version we could offer now the Empro® E 86 LS, which is optimized in particle size distribution and sodium content.
Empro® E 86 HV is a very good texturiser for HME products. It gives a nice fibrous structure and uniform surface. It could be very good combined with starches and fibres in order to adjust the texture to the desired properties.

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Emwaxy® starches origin from a natural potato variety being cultivated through traditional, non-GMO breeding techniques.
In food applications, the use of Emwaxy® has the following characteristics:
• Clean flavour and bland taste
• High viscosity
• Products with Emwaxy® have an appealing and glossy appearance
• Low gelatinization temperature
• Positive effect on freshness experience
• Excellent smooth and creamy mouthfeel
• High expansion and light texture (snacks)

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