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IKA, global market leader for process technology, offers customer specific mixing, dispersing and homogenizing solutions for the food industry e.g. mayonnaise and ketchup.

About us

The IKA Group is a global market leader for laboratory, analytical and process technology founded in 1910 and headquartered in Staufen, Germany. Today, the IKA group has over 900 employees at eleven locations on four continents. IKA offers turnkey solutions and state-of-the-art manufacturing options. IKA‘s solutions include dispersing machines, homogenizers, stirrers, solid-liquid-mixers, dry mills, kneading machines, vacuum dryers as well as ready-for-use process plants, all being manufactured in IKA‘s outstanding high product quality. Consulting, design and realization of complex projects as well as proactive after-sales services complete the IKA solution portfolio. The high-quality process machines and plants are used in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries. In the IKA test center customers can work on the development and optimization of their products and production processes supported by a qualified team of process engineers.

IKA-Werke GmbH & Co. KG
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Products and Services

IKA offers extensive expertise in the diverse mixing processes used in the food industry. IKA colloid and corundum disk mills are especially designed for the requirements of the food industry. They are used for wet milling of liquid, high viscous or pasty products and enable the production of extremely smooth spreads, hummus, horseradish and mustard in large volumes. The CMX solid-liquid mixer machine enables users to prepare starch and sugar solutions in any quantity in a matter of minutes. Furthermore IKA offers two high-performance plants for the production of exceptionally stable, high-quality emulsions such as mayonnaise and ketchup: The Master Plant and Standard Production Plant with a patented dispersing and homogenizing module. For product development and process optimization IKA offers the magic PLANT. A laboratory-scale plant for the accurate simulation of full-scale production processes.
magic PLANT inline

The IKA magic PLANT is a laboratory scale process plant for batch- wise mixing, homogenizing and emulsifying of low viscous liquids up to pastes just about capable of flowing , for example beverages, mayonnaise, ketchup, dressings, etc. Thanks to its modular design you can reproduce real production conditions at lab scale. The IKA magic PLANT is the ideal machine for high- efficient R&D, product development, process development and for many more purposes.

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Standard Production Plant SPP

The “Standard Production Plant" (SPP) is used for the production of emulsions and suspensions in many areas of application. The SPP is an innovative & highly advanced, but cost effective mixing plant used for all standard process operations like mixing, stirring, homogenizing and dispersing. Due to its simple design, it allows easy operation and guarantees a constant mixing quality. The SPP is available in 8 sizes from 25 up to 4000 liters and produces up to 8 tons of mayonnaise within one hour.

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Inline disperser DISPAX-REACTOR DR

The DISPAX-REACTOR DR 2000 is a 3-stage high shear inline dispersing machine used for the production of very fine emulsions & suspensions. Shear forces that occur in the working chamber produce a drastic increase of mass transfer and accelerate the dissolving rates. 3 rotor-stator combinations (generators) in a series ensure small- droplet/particle size and a very narrow distribution spectrum. This promotes a long stability of mixtures in a single pass, especially when working with emulsions.

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