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Always team spirited and leading in flexibility, quality and innovation the Natec Network delivers customised equipment and production lines.

About us

Hochland Natec GmbH, Gold Peg International Pty Ltd and Natec USA LLC joined forces to form an international network of food processing companies – the Natec Network. In order to meet the customers’ requirements, even at the start of a project, the network uses its own specific service framework which combines extensive experience and professional expertise along with a drive for innovation.

The result is technology and support that is crucial in contributing to the value and development of our customers in the food production industry. The love of generating and implementing cutting edge ideas with great impact,as well as the willingness to tailor technology that can exceed the customer’s targets, lets the Natec Network always strive to unlock business and human potential in a sustainable way with integrity – and thus be a partner provide more than just technical infrastructure.

Hochland Natec GmbH
Kolpingstraße 32
88178 Heimenkirch

Phone: +49 8381 502400
Internet: www.natec-network.com/en

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Horst Fischer
Area Sales Manager
Gold Peg International Pty Ltd
77 Malcolm Road
Breaside, VIC 3195

Phone: +61 3 8531 2999
N24W23750 Watertown Rd, Suite D
Waukesha, Wisconsin 53188

Phone: +1 262 457 4071

Products and Services

We are specialised in equipment for the production, processing and packaging of processed cheese. The equipment is available in a range of different performance classes to suit your requirements.

Beside equipment for processed cheese (like SOS or IWS) we produce food processing and food manufacturing equipment as well. Thats why we are able to produce pasta filata types, sauces, purees, baby food, meat, pet food and many more.

The names of our equipment are as follows: FreeTherm, RotaTherm, MicraTherm, GPiCS, FreePack, FreeSlice, IWS MixStacker, SOS FreeStacker S180, CrossCutter XC, CubeCutter, StickCutter, Separating Machine, PreGrinder, ShearTherm, M4E (=magnet for emulsion), FreeMaster

SOS cheese made by Natec Network equipment

Choose Natec Network's FreeSlice to make SOS (Slice-On-Slice) processed cheese with the lowest waste and high productivity. Combine the FreeSlice® with a RotaTherm® continuous cooking for a world leading system.
The Natec FreeSlice is designed to produce slice on slice cheese as well as – with different applications – cubes, shreds and sticks made of processed cheese, analogue or hybrid cheese.

Magnet for Emulsion technology (M4E)

The Magnet for Emulsion technology (M4E) combines turbulent flow conditions withthe LORENTZ force induced by a permanent magnetic field. In a turbulent flow,particles spin around and collide. This results inparticle deformation and break-up. The LORENTZ force will further intensify this spinning and colliding effect. As such, the combination between the turbulent flow conditions and the LORENTZ force create the perfect environment to make stable emulsions and lump-free powder dispersions.

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FreePack Hermetic side sealing (HSS)

With our FreePack hermetic side sealing you can produce IWS,which are sealed completely.The greatest benefit of our HSS is the secondary outer, sustainable packaging you can use:wood,carton, etc.It is also sealed completely, which means you can sell the slices indivudually and not within a package. Its also easier and more hygienic to open the slices. With the three optimally controlled sealing parameters temperature, time and pressure you can produce an artright IWS within a reliable process.

News & Innovations

Natec Network ShearTherm

The ShearTherm is specifically developed to include basic process requirements and extensive shear and emulsification options, in a modular design that can be individually adapted to the customers’ needs. Many processes are combined and controlled in the small ShearTherm footprint, delivering maximum process, recipe and application flexibility. With full control of all process functions it delivers excellent finished product characteristics and quality – even with particles!

The ShearTherm is the perfect choice for high powder concentrated and plant-based products. In combination with our innovative and unique Magnet for Emulsion (M4E) technology, together with a special multi directional pre-mixer and agitator, it delivers short and efficient mixing of all ingredients.

The integrated vacuum system and different homogenisation units, each with controlled variable speed, guarantees a very high repeatability, short batch cycles,100 % homogeneous and lump free product. Product heating utilises unique direct steam injection while temperature is accurately monitored by self-cleaning temperature probes.

Further reading
Continuous naturalness in wet pet food
People love to treat their pets to the best, so the demand for quality pet food at a reasonable price continues to rise. A big challenge is to maintain consistency with large production volume while achieving shortest possible processing times – and to create a nutritious product at the same time. Valuable nutrients and proteins from meat, vegetables and cereals ideally remain unchanged during processing so that the product can meet the high demands of animals and their owners.

The Natec Network offers innovative equipment making all this is possible. Together we create the processing ability to serve your exciting market efficiently and with continuous consistent quality. Further reading
Natec Network FreeMaster
The Natec FreeMaster is an extremely flexible system ideal for making corrections to products that falls outside of the desired parameters. Our highly flexible FreeMaster system can be used when producing a wide variety of food products such as processed cheesed portions, IWS, spread, cream cheese, sauces, purees, baby food, meatand more. By taking continuous viscosity measurement of the product and dosing theexact amount of liquid needed to reach your target viscosity and/or optimal dry matter,we can help you to deliver the highest quality product at the lowest cost to you. Using our system, you will be able to reduce losses from short production stopsor product that falls outside of desired specification. Further reading

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