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Solutions for sterilization, pasteurization, roasting, coating, drying & stock protection of foodstuffs. Cooling, storing, mixing, conveying & dosing are among our competencies.

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KREYENBORG is a leading provider of state-of-the-art food safety solutions. Based on its many years of experience in plant engineering, KREYENBORG offers complete, individualized solutions for the food industry, including the FoodSafety-IRD as the core element. The continuous FS-IRD is a globally recognized method for pasteurization, sterilization, roasting, coating, drying, and stock protection of foodstuffs such as nuts, seeds, spices, herbs, teas, cereals, vegetables, dried fruits, mushroom, coffee, etc, in a very short processing time.

Validated all-natural process and suitable for organic
Uniform treatment - no dead spots
Preserves organoleptic properties

The company's daily business is to support their customers with turn-key solutions integrating their problem-solving expertise in cooling, storing, mixing, conveying and dosing combined with innovative infrared-technology. Our test facility in Germany is available for trials with our customers. Book a trial using your products!

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Using infrared light, the continuous FoodSafety-IRD is ideal for sterilization, pasteurization, roasting, coating, drying, & stock protection in many food ingredients as spices, herbs, seeds, nuts, teas, vegetables, and fruits. The operating principle of the infrared light is to heat the product from inside out, so the product is gently sterilized, roasted, or dried. During this all-natural process, the FS-IRD continuously adjusts the intensity of the infrared light according to the product temperature, thus guaranteeing a constant process temperature avoiding overheating. Through the gentle mixing of the material, all particles are exposed to the infrared light uniformly, preventing dead spots. Even fragile products (such as cashews, sliced almonds, laurel leaves), products with high oil content (such as peanuts, cumin), and products containing sugar can be treated with success. More than 8,000 individual analyses & validations have proven the multi-functional performance of the FS-IRD.
FoodSafety-Rotary Cooler (FS-RC)

To prevent the recurring formation of germs, every natural product requires a cooling step after thermal treatment and before packaging or warehousing.

The FS-RC has been designed for food applications that have very high food safety and hygiene requirements.

- Suitable for sensitive products such as nuts, grains, seeds, mixtures, etc.
- Optionally, this cooling process can also be used to enable the introduction of salt, flavors, dyes, etc, for coating.

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FoodSafety-IRD (FS-IRD)

The continuous FS-IRD can be used for sterilization, pasteurization, roasting, coating, drying & stock protection in many food ingredients such as spices, herbs, seeds, nuts, teas, vegetables & dried fruits.

The all-natural sterilization process using infrared light is log-5 validated and applicable to organic products. No harmful gas or chemicals are used.

More than 8,000 individual analyses and validations have proven the extraordinary performance of the FS-IRD.

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News & Innovations

Heating up germs in cereals to eradicate them
Oat, rye, barley, rice and other refined cereals are increasingly popular and are available in an increasing variety of products today, such as delicious muesli, breakfast cereals or snacks between meals. Of primary importance in processing cereal products are the first step of disinsectisation to guarantee sterility and shelf-life of food and the second step of processing for a high-quality, healthy and unique food product. The FoodSafety-IRD made by KREYENBORG, can be used for both of these production steps. In performing these steps, it does not only operate continuously, but also in a space-saving and cost-efficient manner.

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