INMATEC GasTechnology FZ-LLC

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We offer Onsite Nitrogen Generators as an independent solution to the food and beverage industry manufacturers.

About us

We are a leading manufacturer of nitrogen and oxygen generators. With our stationary and mobile plants, we are setting new standards in the on-site production of nitrogen and oxygen.

With N2 and O2 production directly on site, companies avoid delivery bottlenecks and support the protection of the climate and the environment with the help of environmentally friendly gas generation.

Our N2 product lines with PSA technology or membrane technology offer solutions to meet the needs of customers of all sizes. The generators produce nitrogen with a purity of 95% to 99.999% (5.0) and 99.9999% (6.0) at quantities of between 0.50 and 10,000.00 Nm³/h. Our oxygen generators supply oxygen with a purity of up to 95% and quantities between 0.5 and 500 Nm³/h. The generators of the POC 4 LIFE series supply oxygen that meets the highest requirements. In addition, we offer customer-specific solutions for a range of N2 and O2 applications as part of our N2 and O2 special plant construction.

INMATEC stands for innovative technology from over 25 years of research and development "Made in Germany"!

INMATEC GasTechnology FZ-LLC
Al Nakheel
Ras Al Khaimah
United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 72075775

Products and Services

The IMT PN OnTouch series offers all of the advantages of a fully integrated nitrogen generating system. The continual measurement and monitoring of all operating values offers the highest possible protection for the whole production process. All measured values are logged and displayed on the INMATEC touch control panel and are also available for further processing via the remote control operation.

The IMT PN OnTouch series can be monitored and operated from any computer workstation in the world through the latest networking technology.

The industry standard 4.0 is a real innovation for your security.

The advantages and effectiveness of the IMT PN OnTouch nitrogen generators guarantee savings from the first minute.

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