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Zeppelin Systems is a global leader in plant engineering for the handling of high-quality bulk materials.

About us

As a leading global plant engineering company for the handling of high-quality bulk materials and liquids we work in the industry sectors food, rubber and tire, chemical and plastic. Zeppelin supplies all plant engineering services from a single source from basic engineering and the production of our own components and control technology through to the final assembly as well as a comprehensive after-sales service. All contacts come from a single source because we are involved in every project phase ourselves. We build every Zeppelin system in accordance with customers' individual requirements. Over 1,300 employees work with passion and a perfectionist inventive spirit until a system is running like clockwork in the best interests of our customers. With the support of the world's largest technical network for bulk materials as well as knowhow from over 70 years' experience in plant engineering, they constantly make improvements and develop innovative processes and new technologies.

Zeppelin Systems GmbH
Messenhäuser Straße

Phone: +49 6074 691-0
Internet: www.zeppelin-systems.com

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Heinz Wallmeyer
General Manager Saudia Arabia
Zeppelin Systems Gulf Co. Ltd
P.O Box 1495,
Al Jubail 31951
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 133454421
Internet: www.zeppelin-systems.com

Products and Services

As a globally active company, we serve the key markets worldwide, know the various technical requirements, as well as regulations, and adapt these to our engineering concept. Our team of specialists will gladly provide you with engineering advice as early as the plant design stage. Processes can be optimized in advance through computer simulations and even undergo practical testing with a number of comprehensive trials in our technology center. In doing so, we achieve high investment security for your project. Our clients appreciate our extensive know-how in all aspects of raw material handling. We master the process steps and technology from raw material receiving to its processing, and develop integrated solutions designed to fit perfectly into the system – from one single source. Our scope naturally includes optimal control technology and professional customer service around the world.
Zeppelin Bolt-Tec silos innovative & quic

The different silo segments are transported in containers and then bolted to each other on site. No specialized assembly staff is required as the work can be carried out quickly and at low cost by your own staff. With the new Bolt-Tec silos, high freight charges, expensive assembly operations and damage to silos during transport are things of the past. Should you ever require larger storage capacities in the future your silo can be quickly retrofitted without difficulty.

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Diverter Valve DVV

The DVV two-channel valve is a universal distributor and collector valve for the redirection of bulk materials in pneumatic conveyor systems. Designed for use in pressurized and vacuum conveying systems at -0.5 to 3.5 bar (g), the DVV diverter valve is suitable for various industries, including the food and plastics industries.

Rotary Feeder CFM

The CFM standard-pressure rotary feeder is used for the metered discharge of pellets and powders, and also as a feeding device in pneumatic dilute phase conveying systems.

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News & Innovations

CODOS NT: Continuous mixing and kneading system for the production of high-quality doughs
Maximum consistent quality – All around the clock even with large dough quantities.
Dough formation takes place in the horizontally operating continuous Codos® NT kneader. Special helical, intermeshing double shafts apply the energy required for kneading to the dough. Bow-shaped kneading attachments on the double shafts ensure gentle kneading without cutting the dough due to their shape. The product-specific energy input required as well as the residence time of the dough can be controlled via the speed of the kneading shafts. A double-walled trough design, which can be heated or cooled, ensures that the dough always maintains the desired temperature. Ingredients can be added at any point in the mixing and kneading process depending on recipe requirements. Process flexibility also allows control of the residence time of the individual components.The main area of application are mono-lines, where production can run around the clock. The Codos NT is characterized by a compact, space-saving design. Further reading
DymmoMix: Pre-mixer for batch and continuously produced doughs
Hydration makes the difference - The technology for the best dough

The DymoMix® hydration system can be used as a pre-mixer in the Codos® system and as a supplementary production step between the dosing and kneading of doughs or other further processing steps.The special feature is that powdered components are hydrated with water or oil and a homogeneous mixture is formed immediately.This procedure allows production of doughs with improved quality. In contrast to conventional systems, the hydration is not done with a high-pressure water jet.The hydration with water or oil is achieved by means of a specially developed nozzle, which is built into the rotating shaft of the device. This creates a liquid film through which the powdered particles must pass and are thus hydrated.
As a result, even with low moisture content, a high-quality product can be produced that can be processed immediately without any intermediate steps.

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