TRIMA Triebeser Maschinenbau GmbH

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TRIMA produces high-quality machinery for the following range of uses: dividing & rounding, proving, stamping and forming for all types of bread buns. Made in Germany.

About us

We welcome you and we are happy to show you our bakerymachines on this exhibition. TRIMA Triebeser Maschinenbau GmbH is a company based out of Zeulenroda-Triebes, Germany and employing about 120 people. We have been an experienced specialist for more than 125 years with our range of divider/rounders and bun roll lines. Baking can be a complicated craft, and powerful machines have become indispensable in a modern company. TRIMA machines increase production efficiency whilst maintaining the handmade quality of the bakery products. They make production easier, faster and more cost effective. Our tradition and experience in this industry, since 1887, means that we have become specialists in the production of machinery and lines for the working and processing of dough. Our technicians use their expertise to design and manufacture complete productions lines, tailor made to meet the specific needs of the baker. We provide the full ranging from consultation, development, in house production and a qualified after sales service team for machine maintenance and repair.

TRIMA Triebeser Maschinenbau GmbH
Zeulenrodaer Str. 48
07950 Zeulenroda-Triebes

Phone: +49 36622 75-0

Products and Services

Dough dividing and rounding machines produce round pieces of dough for bread making. Our machines handle dough gently and offer accurate and economical solutions in order to divide and round small and large dough pieces. A choice of head machines with up to six rows is available as a single stand alone unit or in combination with other equipment for the next step of the bread making process, either by manually removing the dough pieces or as a head machine for automated production lines. Proving, Stamping and Forming on our lines with a proofer the rounded dough - depending on the type of product - is rolled, stamped, pressed, cutted or shaped. A wide range of different machines designs meet all the end users requirements. We can offer the right system to suit all the users needs, budget and production output for all types of buns.
Dough divider and rounder PRIMA Evo

Producing uniform, accurate weight and high quality round dough portions with precision programming of unit weight ranging from 15 g to 300 g. Ideal for many types of dough – soft, cool and sticky as well as firm and proven dough for uniform bread rolls with that artisan appeal. For making round and elongated bread rolls (kaiser rolls, hot-dog buns, hamburger buns, bolillo, berliner, pretzel etc.).


The CombiLine is a modular fully automatic bread roll line to work all types of dough. It can produce high quality products: round, oval, stamped, long rolled, flattened, cut and seeded, e.g. kaiser rolls or any other stamped products, finger rolls, hot dogs, hamburger buns, dinner rolls, with or without seeding. Everything you expect from a single bread roll line. You decide what to include depending on your available space, your product requirements and your budget.

Dough divider and rounder PRIMA Duo

PRIMA Duo is one of a kind, a fully automated divider and rounder that exactly simulates the precise, delicate movements of the human hand. It permits to divide and round dough pieces for the production of round bread. This remarkable sensitivity means it can work any type of dough, from low to high hydration, without stressing it. These characteristics – that only TRIMA can guarantee – are the result of 25 years of technological research and a journey that began in 1887.

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