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Since 1980, WEIMA stands for robust recycling technology made in Germany. Packaging, labels and rework can be drained and compressed in one step with PUEHLER presses.

About us

Since 1980, the WEIMA brand stands for sustainability and for robust recycling technology "Made in Germany". With the purchase of the drainage expert PUEHLER, WEIMA expanded its competence in the field of compaction. For over forty years and with more than 6,000 machines on the market, PUEHLER presses have been used in the beverage and food industry for the compacting and recycling of packaging and labels of all kinds. In order to recycle rejects, production defects and faulty batches in an environmentally conscious and economical way, packaging and contents can be easily separated with presses from WEIMA. Filled, but also empty packaging, such as beverage cartons, food cans, spray cans, beverage cans, soft packaging, PU/PE containers, PET bottles, etc. can be fed fully automatically into the PUEHLER presses. After emptying and compacting of the packaging, waste streams are separated and can be disposed of properly.

WEIMA Maschinenbau GmbH
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74360 Ilsfeld

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Kay Schulte
Sales Director
Phone: +49 7062 95700
Tim Nöckel
Sales Manager
Phone: +49 7062 95700

Products and Services

WEIMA offers a wide range of compaction technology for the food and beverage industries. The PUEHLER A series includes label presses for stand-alone or in production line use. The PUEHLER E Series includes packaging presses for disposable packaging. The PUEHLER G Recycling series includes high-performance presses for food, beverage and detergent packaging and containers. The PUEHLER G ReWork series drains and compacts production rejects such as cans, tubular packaging, milk cartons, etc. for the reintegration of rework material into the production process.

Each press delivered is individually configured and handed over to the user as a turnkey plug-and-play solution. State-of-the-art data interfaces guarantee seamless integration into your production line so that the machine can be controlled and monitored in fully automatic operation. As a shredding specialist, WEIMA also offers upstream and downstream system solutions if required.

PUEHLER A series

Drainage presses of the PUEHLER A series dispose of old labels in bottling facilities efficiently and economically. Discharged labels are first picked up by the label press, then pressed and finally transported drip-free into a container. A hydraulic cylinder reduces the volume of the unpressed labels by approx. 70 %, the residual moisture is then approx. 30 %. The pressed-out lye is collected and can be reused. The label press can be installed directly at your bottle washing machine.

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PUEHLER E series

Drainage presses of the PUEHLER E series work electro-hydraulically by means of different hydraulic cylinders. The material is fed through the curved feed hopper. The pressed out liquid or paste is collected in a collecting trough and can be drained by a separate pump. With presses from WEIMA, you can open filled disposable packaging in one operation, separate the contents and compress the packaging. For example PET packaging, beverage cans, spray cans, milk cartons and much more.

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PUEHLER G ReWork series

The PUEHLER G ReWork series drains contents from packaging and compresses packaging into pressed discs. The pressed-out liquid or paste can then be conveniently reintegrated in the production process. The packaging is available for subsequent recycling processes. It can be seemlessly integrated into your production line, with fully automatic operation. Applications include productions rejects such as beverage cans, PET bottles, milk cartons, yoghurt cups, etc.

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