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The Viscofan Group, is one of the worldwide leading producers for casings, films and food packaging offering solutions for products based on meat, plant proteins, fish or cheese.

About us

The Viscofan Group, is one of the worldwide leading producers for casings, films and food packaging offering innovative and sustainable solutions for products based on meat, plant proteins, fish or cheese. It is the only manufacturer in the world using technologies for all categories of casing products: cellulose, collagen, fibrous, plastic but also plant-based vegan casings. Viscofan operates several production facilities in 4 continents and has a commercial network in more than 100 countries. Thanks to the Viscofan Group’s wide range of technologies and its employees' know-how, it offers innovative solutions that are transforming the worldwide food markets.

We consistently focus on innovation and sustainability and are constantly expanding our technological lead. This enables us to consolidate our position as a valued partner of the processing industry. Our wide product portfolio is offering more and more sustainable news. Either in optimization of existing products or presenting completely new Eco-product lines.

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Products and Services

The Viscofan Group, is producing casings, films and food packaging in 5 technologies: Collagen, Fibrous, Cellulose, Plastics and Vegetal/Vegan.
COLLAGEN: Shape, colour, shine, transparency, juiciness, bite… on tailor-made, multiple formats and sizes. Take your creations up to the next level!
CELLULOSE: A safe option for all types of production systems and a wide range of applications.
PLASTICS: Tailor casing solutions designed to bring cost-efficiency and added value to the processed meat industry.
FIBROUS: The best solution for modern production where industrial processes demand more each day: speed, productivity and efficiency.
VISCOFAN VEGGIE: Our new, remarkable, edible plant based casing. Viscofan Veggie casing, an alternative to help you expand your product scope and meet current vegan demands.

Collagen food film opens up a whole host of possibilities for new inspirations.
COFFI covers meat, meat products and emulsions like a natural skin and enables you to transform low cost products into high-quality creations.
COFFINET is our collagen food film shirred together with various patterns of elastic and non elastic netting including the revolutionary TCN Total Control Net®fixed diameter netting, it enables you to produce without having to use any additional film and netting applicators

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Viscofan small caliber cellulose casings combine high elasticity with an extremely consistent caliber. With their excellent peelability troublefree industrial processing is guaranteed.
Viscofan big caliber cellulose casings are permeable tubes made of regenerated cellulose. The transparent, high-gloss properties, coupled to brilliant printing make your products highly merchandisable. The clarity of these casings is visually appealing and allows the consumer to see the actual product.


eFAN LINE produced with a percentage of plant based or chemically recycled raw materials
NON-SHRINK when products are sliced, frozen or wrapped in a secondary packaging.
PERMEABLE CASINGS which absorb and transfer the smoke colour, flavour and aroma to the product.
CALIBER CONTROL offers all positive properties needed to meet the processing and shelf-life requirements.
FORMABLE CASINGS are ideal for mold shape products.
NATURAL LOOK for a “traditional“ product look.

News & Innovations

Our new, remarkable, edible vegetable casing. Viscofan Veggie casing, an alternative to help you expand your product scope and meet current demands.
An extraordinary plant-based casing, specially developed for use in vegetarian and vegan recipes. Addressing health concerns with its unique characteristics such as gluten-free, GMO-free, allergen-free. Being 100% vegetable makes it also a preferred choice for sausages that face religious, legal or labeling issues.

This casing is suitable for fresh and cooked applications, showing good frying ability and a super tender bite. As for other edible products in Viscofan Group, this is a ‘ready to use’ casing, presented on stick format that is easy to stuff and handle. It can be used with existing meat stuffing, linking and processing machinery.
Being edible it does not need to be peeled. It enhances sensorial levels by adding a covering that adds structure and bite of the final product.
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VISPICE transfer sheets
The perfect transfer solution to innovate in classic products, enrich meals or enhance flavors.
Use our Vispice transfer sheets in any environment, be it at home, in a professional kitchen or in a processing facility. Transfer sheets can be used to marinate, cook or cold transfer to any protein product.
Vispice is available in a wide range of flavors. Enhance your products with many different herbs, spices and seasonings. Vispice can help you to reduce your sodium amount and provides you with a delicious alternative to breaded ready to eat products currently on the market.
Great visual appearance enrich your consumers meals with Vispice. The coating in the final product is homogeneous and visually very attractive to the consumer.
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BTM Transfer Plastic Casings
Coat your products with the benefits of a “cook-in” barrier plastic casing.
BTM casings are smoke or color impregnated,transferring color or flavor in one-step during the cooking operation. With these unique barrier transfer concepts you will get all the benefits of a shrinkable true plastic casing designed with a strong burst resistance and to minimize purge on cook-in processes meat and poultry products. Our extensive range of color tones and flavors available as impregnations on the casing, offer highest production flexibility.
A sustainable solution: making a valuable contribution to protecting the environment. Applying the smoke or the color from the casing to the product instead of using the traditional smoking process is an environmentally friendly solution to your products, saving time, energy and water. The production plant will remain clean and, with virtually no waste water as well as no emissions in the exhaust air.
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