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We develop functional systems, active compounds & trend concepts for baking applications & processes. Focus this year: Gluten-free, Healthy Ingredients & Vegan Baking Solutions.

About us

Baking is our tradition, technological expertise is our greatest asset. The synergies with our sister companies Mühlenchemie, a leader in flour standardisation, and enzyme system specialist SternEnzym back up our motto “From flour to final.” Together we develop functional systems, active compounds and trend concepts for all kinds of baking applications and processes. We help you meet challenges like fresh keeping, cost reduction, reduction of additives and local market requirements. Gluten-free, Healthy Ingredients and Vegan Baking Solutions will be our main focus areas this year. 

DeutscheBack GmbH & Co. KG
Kurt-Fischer-Str. 55
22926 Ahrensburg

Phone: +49 4102 202007

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Michael Pruss
Head of Business Development
Phone: +49 151 42369206
Gabriel Hocker
Business Development Manager
Phone: +49 171 8623545

Products and Services

DeutscheBack is close at hand on markets around the globe. This is also reflected in our portfolio: Whether it’s for tasty German rye rolls, French baguette, Mexican tortillas, American Muffins or Japanese mochi cakes – we supply concentrates, premixes and special flours for all manner of baking applications. Our solutions for the industrial and artisan production are as diverse as our offering.

TopBake concepts for success:

  • Bread, rolls and baked goods
  • International specialties
  • Gluten-free baked goods
  • Frozen dough applications
  • Enzyme systems and compounds
  • Fresh keeping
  • Gluten reduction
  • Improvement of water absorption 
  • Cost optimization
  • Vegan concepts
  • Trends and seasonal concepts

TopSweet concepts for success:

  • Yeast-raised pastries
  • Sponges, pound cakes and muffins
  • Fresh keeping
  • Fillings and toppings
  • Creams and fresh cream stabilizers
  • Vegan concepts
  • Trends and seasonal concepts
TopBake Fresh 150

TopBake Fresh 150 is an enzyme compound for the inhibition of starch retrogradation. Due to its intermediate heat stability (between those of standard fungal and bacterial amylases) it is inactivated during the baking process. The short dextrins formed by the α-amylase interact with the amylose molecules and hence prevent recrystallization of the helices. The anti-retrogradation effect results in a prolonged softness of the crumb and thus an enhanced shelf life of the baked good.

TopBake Bun Pure

Consumers know what they want: fewer additives! The trend towards a healthier diet is still increasing. For sandwiches and hamburger buns we recommend our clean label improver TopBake Bun Pure. It is based on modern enzyme technology and initiates the enzymatic processes responsible for optimum cross-linking of dough components during fermentation and proofing. This results in pleasant dough properties good volume yield and enhanced softness, while obtaining a nice and even crumb structure.

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TopSweet Vegan Cream Cake

The recent rapid growth of the plant-based sector has been driven by the millennial generation and the emergence of ‘flexitarian’, vegetarian and vegan consumers. Go green with TopSweet Vegan Cream Cake! Our brand new full compound for the production of vegan sweet baked goods like pound cakes, muffins and cookies. This versatile mix is easy to use and provides a very moist, soft crumb structure, a pleasant taste profile and good fresh keeping capabilities.

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