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Applications, raw materials and textures: Planteneers develop plant-based meat, dairy and deli alternatives for food manufacturers around the world.

About us

Our DNA includes decades of experience in food and process technology from the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, in particular from our sister company Hydrosol.

The Planteneers brand bundles the most important competencies in the production of plant-based foods. The know-how covers a unique range of applications, raw materials and textures. With this large toolbox, we develop plant-based meat, dairy and deli alternatives for manufacturers in the food industry worldwide.

Plant-based alternatives to meat, milk, cheese or deli products will only be successful in the market if they offer consumers taste sensations and textures that are as familiar as possible. A big challenge! Because this goal must be achieved with completely different, plant-based raw materials. This requires a close teamwork of experienced professionals.

Our overarching brand name fiild stands for value-adding ingredients that are "field-grown". Plant-based quality for your success!

Planteneers GmbH
Kurt-Fischer-Str. 55
22926 Ahrensburg

Phone: +49 4102 89642276

Products and Services

Meat & Sausage: Vegetarian & vegan cold cuts, cooked sausage & minced meat, promise a familiar bite, authentic mouthfeel & appetizing appearance.

Egg: The alternative to scrambled egg promises an excellent consistency & consists of a portein mixture..

Fish: the alternatives for fish are getting more and more attention, The main aspect for consumption here is animal welfare and climate change.

Milk, cream, yogurt: Our stabilization systems for vegan alternatives to dairy products such as cooking creams and drinks ensure balanced sensory properties, familiar consistency and good processing characteristics.

Cheese: We develop alternatives to pizza cheese, slice cheese, feta, parmesan and grilled cheese, which promise the same consistency and also melting ability.
Delicatessen products: Other trend products are egg-free delicatessen creams. Here we develop fine cost emulsions with different fat contents.

Meat & Sausage Alternatives

Planteneers all-in compounds for vegetarian and vegan cold cuts, as well as for alternatives to cooked sausage and minced meat, promise a familiar bite, authentic mouthfeel, appetizing appearance and pleasant base seasoning. In addition, they have clear health benefits: The meat substitute contains significantly less fat with a favorable fatty acid profile, and is free of cholesterol as well as nitrites and phosphates.

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Milk alternatives

Our stabilization systems for vegan alternatives to dairy products such as cooking cream, coffee creamers, drinks, yogurt and cheese ensure balanced sensory characteristics, familiar consistency and good processing properties. In doing so, we do not only rely on soy. This range is being continuously expanded.

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News & Innovations

A promising concept: Animal original meets plant-based alternative
“Hello Hybrids” was one of the Top Ten Trends identified by Innova Market Insights last year. “Hello Hybrids” is also an apt description of a new retail product segment: Meat and milk products that contain greatly reduced amounts of animal ingredients but still appeal to confirmed carnivores, consumers who want to reduce the amount of animal products they eat for reasons of climate protection, animal welfare, sustainability or health, but who are unwilling to make any compromises on flavour or consistency.

With the new blends in the fiildMeat+ range, Planteneers is closing the gap between flexitarians and meat eaters who have heretofore rejected plant-based alternatives for reasons of flavour.

With the compounds from the fiildDairy+ range and normal cow’s milk, dairies can make blends that reduce the amount of milk by 50 percent, replacing it with plant components. The final product might be a drink consisting of half milk and half oat drink, for example. Further reading

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