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Precise mixing and dosing in the food industry

Modern mixing processes in the food industry place high demands on the machine equipment to achieve maximum economy and optimum product quality. Precision is a decisive criterion for an effective production process and a high-quality, safe end product. For this purpose, AVA has consistently optimized its vertical mixer series HVW for precision at every point.
The main task of the mixer is to realize an absolutely homogeneous mixing result in the shortest possible time. The most valuable and sensitive raw materials must not be impaired. The precise and comfortable mixing control of the AVA HVW series makes it possible to individually adjust all parameters of the mixing process to the respective product requirements.
Present formulations require the addition and mixing of even small amounts of additives. These can be precisely metered in the AVA mixer. A product-compatible addition of the different solids and liquids supports the mixing process right from the start and enables a fast homogenization.
AVA mixers can be effectively integrated into the further production process. Versatile and uncomplicated filling and emptying options reduce the batch time. The AVA HVW series ball segment valve allows the products to be emptied quickly and almost completely, but can also be dosed precisely. In contrast to other closure mechanisms, the valve can be opened and closed as desired without leaving product residues in the closure mechanism.
AVA recently received another order from the food industry through a mixer with a batch capacity of 2 m3. Successful tests in the AVA pilot plant and a product-specific optimized process convinced the customer of the performance of the AVA mixing technology. The AVA HVW series is available in various sizes. Even large amounts of product can be precisely processed in the AVA vertical mixer.

Exhibitor: AVA GmbH & Co. KG

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