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News and innovations published by German exhibitors

Daisy Sour Cream in flexible packaging

Daisy recently launched a revolutionary package design for their Daisy Brand Sour Cream, featuring an innovative dispensing solution produced by Aptar. The packaging design brings a completely new look to the category, differentiating Daisy on the shelf as the first sour cream ever in an...

Exhibitor: Aptar Freyung GmbH

Aptar’s BAP® (Bonded Aluminum to Plastic) technology delivers the ultimate packaging experience that can drive repeat purchases

Brand loyalty is the ultimate goal of brand owners around the globe, but it is not always easy to achieve. Often, brand owners believe that using innovation to create a differentiated package that stands out and attracts consumers’ attention, might be enough to establish a long-term relationship...

Exhibitor: Aptar Freyung GmbH


Long term EHEDG member and now the first approved tile manufacturer by HACCP International worldwide! Argelith Ceramic TIles - The specialist for hygienic , heavy duty tile floors. Don’t compromise on the hygiene of your floors – Trust in the experts for food and beverage

Exhibitor: Argelith Bodenkeramik H. Bitter GmbH

Precise mixing and dosing in the food industry

Modern mixing processes in the food industry place high demands on the machine equipment to achieve maximum economy and optimum product quality. Precision is a decisive criterion for an effective production process and a high-quality, safe end product. For this purpose, AVA has consistently...

Exhibitor: AVA GmbH & Co. KG


Everything in one place – the new information system from AZO gives you important information about your machines and systems. Use an RFID or a QR Code reader to identify the component you need, and you will get all the relevant data in a single app: operating and maintenance instructions,...

Exhibitor: AZO GmbH + Co. KG

Mocktail Party - Sophisticated carbonated softdrinks and delicious hard candies

Mocktails are festive ways to celebrate sparkly parties truly packed with exciting flavours. Experience the magic of warm summer nights with tongue-tickling drink options like Brazilian Strawberry Samba, a touch of Italy with Dolce Vita or delightful Summer Feeling. Bell not only presents a...

Exhibitor: Bell Flavors & Fragrances GmbH

Extension of desalination plant in Saudi Arabia finished

We are pleased to announce that we just finished a project for a desalination plant in Saudi Arabia. After several extensions and a good and long-lasting partnership with our customer, the drinking water supply for municipalities now has got a volume of around 60.000 m³/d.

Exhibitor: Chriwa Wasseraufbereitungstechnik GmbH

New project for soft drinks industry in Saudi Arabia

We have experience in the Arab market and are constantly expanding our business relationships.We have just recently started a new project in Saudi Arabia for the soft drink and mineral water industry with a volume of about 274 m³/h.

Exhibitor: Chriwa Wasseraufbereitungstechnik GmbH

New project for wastewater treatment plant in Saudi Arabia

After several years of experience in the Arab market, we can now proudly announce that we have currently started a new project for an anaerobic wastewater plant with a total capacity of 1.200 m³/d in Saudi Arabia for the soft drink industry in cooperation with our sister company "Chriwa...

Exhibitor: CUSS Chriwa Umwelt-Systemtechnik und Service GmbH

Dedy 420mm Enrober

The 420 mm enrobing machine has a capacity of approx. 30 kg. The enrobing machine is movable and suitable for all enrobing jobs. Pastries of all kinds and cakes, as well as cream cheese and for example dates can be enrobed with chocolate coating, fudge, sugar icing or glaze. The machine normally...

Exhibitor: Dedy GmbH

Dedy 120mm Enrober

The 120 mm enrobing machine has a capacity of 15 kg chocolate and will be delivered as table model. The standard model is equipped with a removable 1 meter take-off-table to set up the enrobed goods on paper. Pastries of all kinds and small cakes up to a height of approximately 5 cm, as well as...

Exhibitor: Dedy GmbH

Dedy Batch Tempers

Batch tempering machines for melting, tempering and storage of tempered chocolate can be used at any location because it works without water. The stirrer is removable to facilitate thorough cleaning. The cooling machine heats and cools, so the tempering process proceeds very quickly and...

Exhibitor: Dedy GmbH

Multiprocess Rotomat MRX

Process Variety, Safety and Economic Efficiency! The Multi-Process Retort Rotomat MRX provides a free selection of the sterilization procedure. For any product the customized process may be configured regarding content and packaging, safety, and consumption of energy, water, and time.

Exhibitor: DFT Technology GmbH

RECIPE SERVICE – The Guide to Good Food Processing

friedrich ingredients are offering a comprehensive library of production recipes. 100+ individual production recipes are online for free download, made in convenient *xlsx (MS Excel) format that enables users to custom all recipes to their needs. The quantity of all ingredients in the recipe...

Exhibitor: friedrich ingredients gmbh

FRISTAM FDS - Double screw pump

When developing this exceptional pump, we intended to set new standards in double-screw technology. As a result, the FDS is ideal for the most viscous products whilst also being capable of reaching high speeds of up to 3,600 min-1. It easily copes with high differential pressures without...


UV-C Tunnel - Germ-free without chemicals

The UV-C tunnel is a high-performance disinfection system for disinfecting surfaces. The system is used for disinfection, prevents cross-contamination and keeps the germ level in the production low. With the help of highly effective UV-C radiation,up to 99.99% of micro-organisms are eliminated....

Exhibitor: Frontmatec Hygiene GmbH

Pneumatic lifting device type 2740

This back-friendly work aid can be used wherever products are manually packed, sorted or repackaged from containers. The trolley of the mobile lifting device tilts about 15 ° in direction of the user. • mobile design • Lifting device for 200 l standard trolley according to DIN 9797 • Stroke...

Exhibitor: Frontmatec Hygiene GmbH

Robotic packaging systems

ITEC supplies robotic packaging systems for improving productivity, increasing hygienic protection of the products and minimising costs. Our automated units can also be fitted with optical systems for the purposes of product recognition, quality control and checking the best-before date. This...

Exhibitor: Frontmatec Hygiene GmbH

NEW Siemens LOGO! Smart display controller

Optional Siemens control now available for all FUNK scale ice machines. This control offers various advantages and is a real ease of work. - programmable timer - automatic emptying of water tank (residual water) - automatic check of sense of rotation after voltage drop - geared motor overrun for...

Exhibitor: Funk GmbH - Kälte mit System

Greatview introduces Variable Image Printing

Greatview has developed new pioneering variable printing technology in the field of aseptic packaging for liquid food, bringing various value-added services for customers, including food safety traceability, sale channel management, internet marketing and sales improvement. The technology offers...

Exhibitor: Greatview Aseptic Packaging

Greatview launches Octagon-shaped packaging

Greatview launches the unique shape and easily graspable Octagon package shape for all kinds of dairy products, juices and beverages. Optionally with brilliant metallic printing, this package is available in 200 and 250ml versions. The material is fully compatible with industry standard...

Exhibitor: Greatview Aseptic Packaging

Heuft VULKAN Turbo-Therm® Rotating Rack oven

VULKAN TURBO-THERM - GENERAL INFORMATION HEUFT has expanded its successful range of Thermo-Oel ovens and developed a rack oven heated with thermal oil. The development engineers were fully aware that the new model needed to meet the high expectations of Thermo-Oel bakers: reproducible results...

Exhibitor: Heuft Thermo-Oel GmbH & Co. KG

New Production facility and Customer Centre in Nattheim, Germany

This innovative and modern Premise will form the core of all Commercial, Production and New Product Development taking holac into the 21st century and beyond. With more than 130.000 sqft and as one of the leading companies in the area of further processing in the food sector, holac has finally...

Exhibitor: holac Maschinenbau GmbH

Hosokawa Alpine more possibilities with the new food mill CW 250

Discover the new and innovative food mill CW 250 The Contraplex® is a fine impact mill with two driven pin discs. CW 250 is the latest version of this machine model. This machine is used for protein shifting, for the grinding of spices as well as all oily and greasy products. The optimised...

Exhibitor: Hosokawa Alpine Aktiengesellschaft

Caramelised sugar powder IK 75/300

Caramelised sugar is a Food, which does not have to be listed as an additive. It can be listed among the ingredients as "burnt sugar" or "caramelised sugar". It is available in certified halal quality. Closing the taste gap between sweet and tart caramelised sugar is quite a big challenge. Our...

Exhibitor: Felix Koch Offenbach Couleur und Karamel GmbH

New Toffee products

Our new range of toffee products covers all areas of applications in the dairy, ice cream, chocolate and bakery industries. Starting from pastes and sauces up to pieces and granules in different sizes our high quality raw materials ensure an exquisite taste in your final product. We also offer...

Exhibitor: Felix Koch Offenbach Couleur und Karamel GmbH

News and Innovations

LAY presents at Gulfood 2017 innovations for various applications: Shelf Life Enhancers Improve shelf life of emulsified sausages and cured cuts. Everfresh A Everfesh AL Everfresh naturel Flavour Mixes Meat, Chicken and Beef Flavours (with and without MSG) to boost the taste of your products...

Exhibitor: Lay Gewürze oHG

Hygiene upgrade and optimized lubrication

Process technology and hygiene solutions by LOEHRKE is valued by the market leaders of the food and beverage industry, especially in process hygiene (CIP Cleaning-In-Place), chemical-free sterilization of packaging and latest lubrication systems. One of our innovations is the HIGH PERFORMANCE...

Exhibitor: Jürgen Löhrke GmbH

Convenience solutions

Best flavour and technological knowhow are combined in the field of convenience products. Therefore, Meat Cracks has compounds in its product portfolio which create added value for the customer by means of good flavour, innovative ingredients and functional additives. • Poultry seasoning salt...

Exhibitor: Meat Cracks Technologie GmbH

LowSalt – The Meat Cracks solution for the reduction of sodium

Sodium chloride is the most important ingredient in the meat industry; particularly in the form of nitrite curing salt. It is impossible to imagine products without it, due to the flavour enhancing properties, the preservative effect and the colour forming component. However, the sodium-rich...

Exhibitor: Meat Cracks Technologie GmbH

Starter- & protective cultures

Starter cultures should be understood as microorganisms, supporting the fermentation process of raw sausage products and raw cured products in various ways through their microbiological and enzymatic properties. With Meat Cracks starter- and protective cultures, the customer is always on the safe...

Exhibitor: Meat Cracks Technologie GmbH

GS Series, the unique fragile product Multihead Weigher from MultiWeigh HD Wiegetechnik

Following extensive research and development we are pleased to announce a new range of Multihead Weighers unique to MultiWeigh – The GS Series, or Gentle Slope to give it the long name. This series has been designed to meet the need for gentle handling of fragile or easily bruised products. With...

Exhibitor: MultiWeigh GmbH


AIRMASTER® IC InterCooler is the latest addition to the REICH family. It is a genuine hybrid unit and combines the functions of a universal unit (UK series) with those of an intensive cooling system (IKK series). Consequently, all thermal processes can be realized in a single system, in...

Exhibitor: Reich Thermoprozesstechnik GmbH

Rovema celebrates 60th company anniversary

Founded as a family company in 1957, thanks to many pioneering innovations in packaging technology, Rovema quickly grew from a small business to a medium-sized company. In 1981 Dr. Walter Baur took over the majority of shares. Through strict re-organization in combination with investments in...

Exhibitor: Rovema GmbH

German Packaging Award for Rovema vacuum-powder filler (SDH) with SBS Powder Brick Pack System

Rovema GmbH wins the German packaging award 2017 with the new auger dosing system Rovema vacuum-powder filler. When packing powdery products, low-dust and compact dosing always creates a challenge. The award-winning system’s centerpiece is an evacuation of the product within the auger doser. Now...

Exhibitor: Rovema GmbH

Construction of Silesia Factory for liquid and powder flavours and Regional HQ in Singapore

After a long construction period of 15 months, the all new 16.000m" Silesia site in Singapore will be very soon inaugurated. Besides the production of liquid and powder flavours, the facilities further include fully equipped R&D and application labs. Additionally Silesia established a local...

Exhibitor: Silesia -Gerhard Hanke GmbH & Co. KG

Loading Lines SL305 and DL302 - Fully automated loading of fresh meat products

The VEMAG SL305 and DL302 loading lines convey products into trays in a fully automatic process. Minced meat, fresh fried sausage, cevapcici, cheese balls, meat balls, burgers and many more products can be produced one after another with flexibility and efficiency and conveyed to the subsequent...

Exhibitor: VEMAG Maschinenbau GmbH

Flexible Fresh Meat Line - Different attachments for all applications on one line

The flexible fresh meat line allows the production of different products on a single line. The line is suitable for the production and fully automatic loading into trays of burgers, Adana Köfte (Turkish ground lamb meatballs) minced meat, cevapcici, fresh grilling sausages, meatballs, and many...

Exhibitor: VEMAG Maschinenbau GmbH

AMILEN Heat Treatment Films

AMILEN Heat Treatment Films are material solutions that are suitable for Pasteurisation, Cook-In, Sterilisation and Ovenable applications.

Exhibitor: VF Verpackungen GmbH


AMILEN VAC are high performing films for the production / conversion of vacuum pouches

Exhibitor: VF Verpackungen GmbH

New ideas for innovative processes

Zeppelin Systems rises to the growing challenges of the production of baked goods. The consumer demands regarding the quality of baked goods are increasing. This mainly applies to the assurance of hygienic standards but also to aspects such as an even degree of browning and higher expectations as...

Exhibitor: Zeppelin Systems GmbH

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