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News and innovations published by German exhibitors

Anneliese Snackline

Increase e¬fficiency while keeping the artisan style of your sandwiches and filled rolls! adaptable (e.g. steplessly variable conveyor belt speed) versatile (switch from one recipe to the next within minutes) ergonomic (everything is in easy reach) mobile (move Snackline to...

Exhibitor: Anneliese Backtechnik GmbH

Smart, Smarter, LIPUSMART- the new ACO Grease Separator Generation – the integrated overall solution: 4 in 1.

The new innovative solution LipuSmart combines functions of grease separator, sample pot and lifting station in only one product with central control unit. The major advantages are saving time and have less interfaces when planning and installing the total plant. ACO LipuSmart offers flow...

Exhibitor: ACO Group, Middle East Headquarter in Dubai

Aptar’s Neo: Infant formula in-mold scoop closure solution

Neo in-mold scoop closure is an amazing solution for infant formula. Two sizes are available to answer the needs of mass (127 mm) and selective (99 mm) channel. The contrasted surface finishes add a touch of class and design are customizable. With the easy open liner and audible “clic” upon...

Exhibitor: Aptar Freyung GmbH

Aptar’s Dual Pour: amazing closure design distinguishing oil bottles on the self

Dual Pour is the ideal solution for pouring edible oils. The 2-pieces closure in PP provides clear transparency to your brand. The combination of different material for closure body and the insert ensure proper sealing. Additionally, the transparent closure with colored insert design will...

Exhibitor: Aptar Freyung GmbH

Flip-Lid Snapped Closure

With our new Flip-Lid closure, the bottle cap will always remain attached and therefore it will never be lost. This will ensure the closure and bottle to be united until the end of lifecycle and both recycled. The consumer will not have to unscrew the closure anymore, as Flip-Lid will be a...

Exhibitor: Aptar Freyung GmbH

Precise mixing and dosing in the food industry

Modern mixing processes in the food industry place high demands on the machine equipment to achieve maximum economy and optimum product quality. Precision is a decisive criterion for an effective production process and a high-quality, safe end product. For this purpose, AVA has consistently...

Exhibitor: AVA GmbH & Co. KG

AZO®RoLog - Robot based automation solution

By using a robot, it is possible to dose an extremely variable number of micro quantities up to 10 kg in a fully automatic process. This is how AZO ® RoLog replaces complicated and expensive manual weighing of micro quantities. The safety cage surrounding the robot provides complete...

Exhibitor: AZO GmbH + Co. KG

Revolution in PE film bag packing We take care: BEHN + BATES is presenting its new hygienic concept CARE-LINE

Revolution in PE film bag packing We take care: BEHN + BATES is presenting its new hygienic concept CARE-LINE Right at the beginning there was the PE film: Hygienic experts consider plastic bags to be the most hygienic packing material for highly sensitive food products, e. g. baby food. The...

Exhibitor: Behn + Bates Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

Project for soft drinks industry in Saudi Arabia nearly finished

We have experience in the Arab market and are constantly expanding our business relationships.We are about to complete a project in Saudi Arabia for the soft drink and mineral water industry with a volume of about 274 m³/h.  

Exhibitor: Chriwa Wasseraufbereitungstechnik GmbH

Projects for wastewater treatment plant in Saudi Arabia finished

After several years of experience in the Arab market, we can now proudly announce that we have currently completed a new project for an anaerobic wastewater plant with a total capacity of 3.000 m³/d in Saudi Arabia for the soft drink industry in cooperation with our sister company "Chriwa...

Exhibitor: CUSS Chriwa Umwelt-Systemtechnik und Service GmbH

SC 130 Series

A NEW SINGLE CHAMBER MACHINE, max. output 130 bags/minute, incl. all extras & options: New "state of the art" design Partly stainless steel Two compartment Safety guard PLC control Touch screen Operational safety light signal Tool box integrated Price Delivery...

Exhibitor: DPH Außenhandel Beteiligungen GmbH & Co. KG

EBI 12 – The new data logger generation

Validation and routine checks of sterilizers, washer-disinfectors and autoclaves can easily be monitored with new ebro data logger serie EBI 12 and the appropriate software – even in real time. The easy-to-use software analyses your processes automatically and provides you with a meaningful result.

Exhibitor: ebro – Xylem Analytics Germany Sales GmbH & Co. KG

Extruded confectionery – no sugar added

Another segment of the confectionery can be covered by Emden ® ET 50, namely Extruded Confectionery. Besides the benefits of Emden ® ET 50 inside Jellies, Chews and Jelly Bar also excellent results are shown in this new area. A segment were normally wheat flour is used, directly linked...

Exhibitor: Emsland-Stärke GmbH / Emsland Group

Vegan Protein Shake based on Empro® E 86 HV

Protein-fortified products are a core component of sports nutrition. Instant shakes that can be prepared in a shaker right after sports activities are in particularly high demand. Most shakes use whey as the protein source. The Emsland Group offers a vegan alternative using Empro ® E 86 HV...

Exhibitor: Emsland-Stärke GmbH / Emsland Group

Healthier chicken nuggets with Emfibre® and Embat®: High fiber and gluten-free

These days, using plant fibres to enrich baked goods and meat products for the purpose of reformulation and energy reduction is an effective means of producing healthier foods. At the same time, the demand for gluten-free foods continues to rise. Using chicken nuggets, these two trends have now...

Exhibitor: Emsland-Stärke GmbH / Emsland Group

FRISTAM FDS - Double screw pump

When developing this exceptional pump, we intended to set new standards in double-screw technology. As a result, the FDS is ideal for the most viscous products whilst also being capable of reaching high speeds of up to 3,600 min-1. It easily copes with high differential pressures without...


UV-C Tunnel - Germ-free without chemicals

The UV-C tunnel is a high-performance disinfection system for disinfecting surfaces. The system is used for disinfection, prevents cross-contamination and keeps the germ level in the production low. With the help of highly effective UV-C radiation,up to 99.99% of micro-organisms are eliminated....

Exhibitor: Frontmatec Hygiene GmbH

Robotic packaging systems

ITEC supplies robotic packaging systems for improving productivity, increasing hygienic protection of the products and minimising costs. Our automated units can also be fitted with optical systems for the purposes of product recognition, quality control and checking the best-before date. This...

Exhibitor: Frontmatec Hygiene GmbH

Pneumatic lifting device type 2740

This back-friendly work aid can be used wherever products are manually packed, sorted or repackaged from containers. The trolley of the mobile lifting device tilts about 15 ° in direction of the user. • mobile design • Lifting device for 200 l standard trolley according to DIN 9797 • Stroke...

Exhibitor: Frontmatec Hygiene GmbH

NEW Siemens LOGO! Smart display controller

Optional Siemens control now available for all FUNK scale ice machines. This control offers various advantages and is a real ease of work. programmable timer automatic emptying of water tank (residual water) automatic check of sense of rotation after voltage drop geared...

Exhibitor: Funk GmbH – Kälte mit System

Greatview introduces Smart Packaging

Greatview has developed new pioneering variable printing technology in the field of aseptic packaging for liquid food, bringing various value-added services for customers, including food safety traceability, sale channel management, internet marketing and sales improvement. The technology offers...

Exhibitor: Greatview Aseptic Packaging Service GmbH

Greatview launches Octagon-shaped packaging

Greatview launches Octagon-shaped packaging Greatview launches the unique shape and easily graspable Octagon package shape for all kinds of dairy products, juices and beverages. Optionally with brilliant metallic printing, this package is available in 200 and 250ml versions. The material is...

Exhibitor: Greatview Aseptic Packaging Service GmbH

Heuft VULKAN Turbo-Therm® Rotating Rack oven

VULKAN TURBO-THERM - GENERAL INFORMATION HEUFT has expanded its successful range of Thermo-Oel ovens and developed a rack oven heated with thermal oil. The development engineers were fully aware that the new model needed to meet the high expectations of Thermo-Oel bakers: reproducible results...

Exhibitor: Heuft Thermo-Oel GmbH & Co. KG

Optimus Sect 280High performance slicer with maximum yield

The Optimus Sect 280 combines the advantages of a continuous feed slicer with a conventional gripper system. With the unique Optimus Sect 280 product stability feature, end piece sizes are minimised and the product is sliced evenly during feeding. Fully automatic removal of the first and end...

Exhibitor: holac Maschinenbau GmbH

News & Innovations

P ulled Pork- Pulled Poultry current fast food trend Pulled Pork, a trend from North America, is quickly conquering the food industry, whether at butcher shops, restaurants, even with professional caterers, pulled pork is the new taste on everyones lips. The meat can be enjoyed in so many...

Exhibitor: holac Maschinenbau GmbH


OUR EXPERTISE IN TOBACCO MILLING IS YOUR PROFIT! Customized plant solutions for every requirement More than 120 years of experience in milling & classifying International standards in the field of food safety Process development with more than 65 mills &...

Exhibitor: Hosokawa Alpine Aktiengesellschaft

We are looking for local distribution partners.

Jansen is a manufacturer of high quality raw materials for bakery, confectionery and ice-cream, based in Western Germany. Our tradition goes back to the year 1899. Today we offer a wide range of flavour pastes for fine pastries, desserts and chocolate fillings. And a wide assortment of unique...

Exhibitor: Josef Jansen GmbH & Co. KG

LAY presents at Gulfood 2017 innovations

LAY presents at Gulfood 2017 innovations for various applications: Shelf Life Enhancers Improve shelf life of emulsified sausages and cured cuts. Different Everfresh products Functional tenderizer products Functional Additives for fresh and marinated meat Different Zartessa...

Exhibitor: LAY Gewürze oHG


AIRMASTER® IC InterCooler AIRMASTER® IC InterCooler is the latest addition to the REICH family. It is a genuine hybrid unit and combines the functions of a universal unit (UK series) with those of an intensive cooling system (IKK series). Consequently, all thermal processes can be realized in a...

Exhibitor: Reich Thermoprozesstechnik GmbH

An attractive future-proof appearance at the Point of Sale – with the Rovema BVC 260 Flexible

Rovema BVC 260 Flexible offers a future-proof and efficient variant to pack lumpy and granulated products for various industries. The BVC 260 Flexible allows maximum flexibility in bag designs and can also produce Doypack-like RoPack bags with longitudinal zip. The machine offers high efficiency...

Exhibitor: Rovema GmbH

Pasta packed fast and reliably with the Rovema Block Pack Machine SBS

Packaging machine manufacturer Rovema presents at Ipack Ima 2018 the successful Block Pack Machine SBS in a particularly fast variant. An application for the pasta industry will be shown, which is also ideal for pulses and rice. 160 block bottom bags with re-closure per minute The presented...

Exhibitor: Rovema GmbH

Silesia Singapore

Silesia recently inaugurated the South-East Asian Headquarters located in Singapore. The new 16.000m2 building comprises a factory for liquid and powder flavor production, application, analytical, quality and R&D laboratories as well as sales and marketing offices. There are a lot of...

Exhibitor: Silesia – Gerhard Hanke GmbH & Co. KG

US Client Decided for the Steinhaus-Full-Package Solution

An enduser with 3 tunnel ovens was not happy with his oven situations with regard to belt type, heat management, dirt problems, baking results and high maintenance. After only a short period of technical discussion he decided for 2 tunnel oven lines for the Steinhaus-full-package solution...

Exhibitor: Steinhaus GmbH

Cutting Device ASV811

The ASV811 is the ideal machine for portioning doughs with exact weights for use in traditional bakeries or small industrial bakeries. The dough portioner can work with any viscosity and processes wheat doughs, rye doughs, stiff shortcrust pastry and soft doughs. The double screw transports...

Exhibitor: VEMAG Maschinenbau GmbH

Forming machine FM250

The FM250 shaping machine is attached directly to the mincer, shaping and dividing the product as specified. A flattening belt squeezes the items passing on a conveyor belt down to the desired final size. Individual products are then sent on for further processing. All the products made using the...

Exhibitor: VEMAG Maschinenbau GmbH

Ball Control BC237

The Ball Control BC237 is an attachment for the HPE and DPE-series filling machines which is used to manufacture filled and unfilled convenience products. It could hardly be any easier. The attachment BC237 has its own frame and can therefore be quickly connected to the vacuum filling machine....

Exhibitor: VEMAG Maschinenbau GmbH

SensoBack saves resources

More efficiency in processes and production methods – this becomes possible with digital solutions such as SensoBack from WP Kemper. The smart idea prevailed in the innovation competition Produktion.NRW, in which a total of 37 projects took part, and was proposed for funding.

Exhibitor: Werner & Pfleiderer Lebensmitteltechnik GmbH

Donuts from A to Z

Dough preparation and processing, proofing, deep frying, and finishing: WP Kemper provides the full engineering expertise and turnkey solutions for the industrial donut and Berliner production under the label WP donut.

Exhibitor: Werner & Pfleiderer Lebensmitteltechnik GmbH

Perfect industrially mixed dough

The fully automatic Power Roll System introduces high performance to the industrial mixing process. Up to three Power Mixers powerfully produce fluffy and particularly easy-to-process dough. The dough is then emptied into a tub in a matter of seconds, conveyed automatically and transfered via a...

Exhibitor: Werner & Pfleiderer Lebensmitteltechnik GmbH

New ideas for innovative processes

Zeppelin Systems rises to the growing challenges of the production of baked goods. The consumer demands regarding the quality of baked goods are increasing. This mainly applies to the assurance of hygienic standards but also to aspects such as an even degree of browning and higher expectations as...

Exhibitor: Zeppelin Systems GmbH

Next level component-design

Zeppelin has a lot to offer, not only digitally, but also in terms of process technology. The low and medium pressure diverter valve and rotary feeder product range has also been entirely revised.The components are now more efficient, lighter, more pressure-tight and come digitally equipped with...

Exhibitor: Zeppelin Systems GmbH

Next level digitalization concept​​

MIRA - a completely new digitization concept, developed on the basis of your requirements. Designed by the leading equipment manufacturer for the food and baking industry MIRA – your access to the digital plant MIRA Connect automatically identifies components and provides specific information...

Exhibitor: Zeppelin Systems GmbH

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