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German Pavilion at Gulfood Manufacturing 2018

6 – 8 November 2018 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Anneliese Backtechnik GmbH

Booth number: Hall 2.1 B2-19

Welcome to Anneliese!
Our team of 80 people pays attention to high quality and the customers’ needs every single day.

Located in Germany, we have been manufacturing baking technology since 1965 - for artisanship as well as industrial use.
Every year we produce more than 500,000 baking trays, 30,000 racks and many other items.

We are happy to show our product range and quality “Made in Germany” to you.

Contact us today!

Our product portfolio ranges from baking and baguette trays to tin sets plus the corresponding racks for oven, storage, cooling and transport.

Customisation is what we do best: Our experienced staff is ready to find a solution that solves any problem you face.

Anneliese Backtechnik GmbH
In der Karuse 67
52249 Eschweiler

Phone: +49 2403 70010
Fax: +49 2403 700199

E-mail: sales@anneliese.de
Internet: www.anneliese.de


AZO GmbH + Co. KG

Booth number: Hall 2.1 E2-17

AZO automates handling of large, medium and small components in granular, powder and liquid form and is the specialist for automated handling of raw materials and of processes.

We provide everything as a single supplier – from the initial concept, from innovative individual components for storage, discharge, screening, conveying, dosing and weighing of raw materials right through to a turnkey solution, namely an entire plant ready for operation: plant engineering and construction, process engineering and process IT dovetail seamlessly. For you as our customer, this means: end-to-end solutions from a single supplier.

The AZO Group provides support for successful companies all over the world in implementing innovative projects by using the technologies of the future and through its extensive network of production and sales companies.

Make sure you have that competitive edge with AZO‘s innovative and efficient concepts for automation made in Germany!

AZO - Made in Germany

Our customers are: Manufacturers of convenience food, nutriments, bakery products, baking ingredients, spices, dairy products, confectionery, beverage and pet food.

AZO transports raw materials such as bulk goods, liquids, ingredients, flavourings and enzymes fully automatically into industrial production processes. Process steps such as mixing, kneading, stirring, baking, boiling, extruding, filling and packing are automated as far as possible. Future-proof process engineering, innovative process technology and trend-setting process IT ensure the highest standard of quality in soups, sauces, dough products, spice mixtures, cereals, jams, snacks, bakery and dairy products, baby food, coffee, tea, confectionary, beverages and pet food.

AZO’s product range:

  • Storage systems
  • Sacks & big bag discharge systems
  • Screening systems
  • Pneumatic conveying systems
  • Vacuum weighing systems
  • Weighing systems
  • Dosing systems
  • Container systems
  • Minor ingredient automation
  • Process-IT
  • etc.

AZO GmbH + Co. KG
Rosenberger Str. 28
74706 Osterburken

Phone: +49 6291 920
E-mail: azo-group@azo.com
Internet: www.azo.com


ebro – Xylem Analytics Germany Sales GmbH & Co. KG

Booth number: Hall 2.1 E2-22

ebro is part of Xylem Analytics and a leading provider of professional measurement devices for the areas of food, medical, pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

Founded in 1968 ebro has specialized in designing and manufacturing top of the range measuring devices such as handheld instruments, thermometers and data loggers. If you are looking for equipment including software to measure temperature, humidity, pH-values, oil quality, pressure or Brix then you are here at the right place with ebro as your partner. From purely measuring to monitoring and eventually evaluating we offer quality products and solutions bespoke to your individual demands.

ebro offers handheld instruments, thermometers and data loggers for the food and medical industry. All vital areas for processing or manufacturing food products, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, etc. are governed, by strictest regulations laid down in national or
international guidelines, rules or law to ensure proper documentation in all stages. Ebro offers custom-made solutions to ease your workload and allows you excellent monitoring including optimized analysis and documentation in paper or electronic fashion. Our product portfolio will give you the assurance that you work with quality equipment ranging from the easiest, very reliable thermometer to the most sensitive sensors used in data loggers.

ebro – Xylem Analytics Germany Sales GmbH & Co. KG
Peringerstr. 10
85055 Ingolstadt

Phone: +49 841954 780
E-mail: ebro@xyleminc.com
Internet: www.ebro.com


Kohlhoff Hygienetechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Booth number: Hall 2.1 E2-19

The origin of our present company was in 1976. At that time
Mr. Uwe Kohlhoff founded a specialized sheet metal
processing company.

A quite successful development resulted in the foundation of our present company in the early 1990s. The performance focusses of the KOHLHOFF Hygienetechnik GmbH & Co. KG encompass development, production and sales of own hygiene technology machines, appliances and equipment in order to comply with the worldwide applicable regulations for personnel and industrial hygiene for food processing companies.

In the company headquarters in Unna / Germany on an over 5,000 m² factory and production surface, we produce stainless steel products in a ultramodern machine park.

Our products are also available in various other designs or with other features. They can be adjusted to specific customers needs.
Apart from our mostly automatized and even partly robot controlled manufacturing, we are still delighted to realize individual wishes of our worldwide customers.

Kohlhoff is a well-respected Global brand that manufactures robust and reliable hygiene equipment to facilitate the cleaning and sterilization of equipment and personnel for the food and pharmaceutical packaging industry.


  • Personnel hygiene Technology
  • Hand cleaning and sanitizing equipment
  • Sole cleaning and sanitizing Equipment
  • Special cleaning syswtems for aprons, knives, safety mesh gloves
  • Crate cleaning systems
  • Shelf systems
  • Special constructions
  • General development, consulting, project engineering

Kohlhoff Hygienetechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Issac-Newton-Str. 2
59423 Unna

Phone: +49 2303 98183-0
Fax: +49 2303 98183-33

E-mail: info@kohlhoff-hygiene.de
Internet: www.kohlhoff-hygiene.de



Booth number: Hall 2.1 C2-29

Vibrofloors World Group specializes in manufacturing and providing turn-key flooring system mainly in Food, Beverage, Dairy, Meat, Vegetable industries etc. with single source of responsibility for their end users. Over 30 years of experience guarantee of very good knowledge and understanding of complexities of environments, process and chemicals that these floors are subjected to, as well as taking into consideration end-users needs. Vibrofloors team provides everything from design, execution, maintenance and warranty. It is a complete system!

Vibrofloors World Group will present special industrial turn-key flooring system for high heavily used floors in different enviroments of food and beverage industries including industrial drainage solutions.

Elsaesser Str. 10
76870 Kandel

Phone: +49 7275 9898797
Fax: +49 7275 9898798

E-mail: info@vibrofloorswg.com
Internet: www.vibrofloorswg.com