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About us

Heuft – The Oven Manufacturer with Tradition
Heuft are based in Bell, the heartland of German baking oven manufacturers, exclusively specialising in the production of bakery ovens since 1700. As the oldest oven manufacturer in Germany, the traditional company possesses unique and valuable wealth of experience in the design and construction of all contemporary oven systems. Since 1968 Heuft specialises in "Thermo-Oel" ovens.  These are heated with thermal oil (“Thermo-Oel”) which is heated in the boiler and circulated through the oven hearth plates by pumps. The high heat storage capacity of the oil ensures a stable and absolutely uniform heat transfer. The temperature is always kept stable without scorching heat effects. Be they thermal oil ovens, heat-circulation ovens, rack or shop ovens – each is a crafted masterpiece in its class and a result of the know-how and experience of designers and engineers. The Heuft mission statement and objective are clearly defined:   Manufacturing ovens of utmost quality – without any compromises!

Products and services

  • Rack and deck type baking ovens
  • Rotating rack oven
  • Automatic baking and loading systems
  • Multiple deck tunnel ovens
  • Thermal oil heat transfer systems for baking ovens
  • Thermal oil tunnel ovens with automatic loading system
  • Energy Management System (EMM)
  • Heat recovery systems

All Heuft ovens use thermal oil, a liquid heat transfer medium with an outstanding heat storage capacity. Other manufacturers use hot gas circulation or conventional rack ovens, or steam (in steam ring tube ovens) to transfer the heat to the product. These are gaseous transfer media, which, due to the laws of physics, are less efficient than liquid heat transfers media. Thermal also outperforms hot water, as it can be heated to much higher temperatures up to 320 °C. With thermal oil we can achieve much smaller temperature differences between the heat transfer medium and the baking chamber. Known as delta t, this difference is generally reduced by 15 to 20 °C in thermal oil ovens!

Heuft VULKAN Euroback Multiple-Deck Tunnel Oven - High tech with enthusiasm!

Heuft VULKAN Euroback Multiple-Deck Tunnel Oven - High tech with enthusiasm!

No other large oven can be deployed so flexibly. A unique fully automatic system for a wide range of products and high volume production. Each hearth is quickly loaded/unloaded with the Concord rapid loader. Baking can be done step-wise or as in a traditional deck oven. Pre-steam, main steam, temperature curves, vapour removal, turbulence air circulation and any other required function for each product are all managed by a central control unit. Frequent product changes are no problem at all!

The Heuft Vulkan Thermo Roll® oven – the unbeatable “Allrounder” The thermal oil powered

The Heuft Vulkan Thermo Roll® oven – the unbeatable “Allrounder” The thermal oil powered

Strictly speaking, the Vulkan Thermo-Roll® oven (“VTR”) is a multi-deck oven that is loaded in the same manner as a rack oven. The many available versions can be used “stand-alone” in a crafts bakery, or combined as a large-scale oven system with semi-automatic loading system – tailor-made for your individual needs.
A particularly high energy efficiency, high technical standard and solid workmanship make it the most cost-effective oven available!

VULKAN THERMO-OEL Deck Oven – The heart of craftsmanship quality baking

VULKAN THERMO-OEL Deck Oven – The heart of craftsmanship quality baking

Great in performance, modest in floorspace and energy consumption (min 25% energy savings). It can be equipped with pull-out hearths, heat circulation systems (turbulence) and separate temperature groups. The oven is powered by the Heuft "Thermo-Oel" system, the high heat storage capacity of the thermal oil ensures stable and absolutely uniform heat transfer.
The VULKAN THERMO-OEL Deck Oven provides extremely flexible baking solutions – and always ideal baking quality!

News & Innovations

Heuft VULKAN Turbo-Therm® Rotating Rack oven 

VULKAN TURBO-THERM - GENERAL INFORMATION HEUFT has expanded its successful range of Thermo-Oel ovens and developed a rack oven heated with thermal oil. The development engineers were fully aware that the new model needed to meet the high expectations of Thermo-Oel bakers: reproducible results and excellent quality, i.e. bread with a moist crumb and shiny crust that remains fresh for longer. After the first practical tests with the Turbo-Therm®, the application technicians were delighted: “We achieved outstanding results with the first few batches, and we are already able to draw interesting conclusions for future applications.” The HEUFT Turbo-Therm® rack oven is heated with a specially devised thermal oil/air heat exchanger, or TLS, and can thus be integrated easily into existing Thermo-Oel systems. This technology does away with the conventional heating method where each oven needs a separate burner. At the same time, the TLS system optimizes the baking result. As there is only one heat source, thermal oil oven systems are also much more energy-efficient.


Heuft Thermo-Oel GmbH & Co. KG
Nippesstr. 15
56745 Bell

Phone: +49 2652 9791-0

Jankees Geurts
Export Manger
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