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About us

REICH is Germany's oldest name in the market of smoking systems. We can look back on 125 years of tradition and experience. Our product line includes the most modern drying, smoking, cooking and maturing systems for every plant size and application. And of  course, environmentally friendly with optimal use of energy.

REICH units have been known for decades for consistently high processing quality, maximum performance and best production results. Whether you want to process meat, sausage, fish, poultry, cheese or other products – our engineers always find the ideal

Tradition alone does not account for a good system manufacturer. To quote our corporate management "experience is fine, but continuous advancement and intelligent use of new opportunities are decisive." For this reason, our development division is no longer
solely comprised of specialists with decades of experience but also includes young creative thinkers whose fresh ideas ensure dynamic development in our design.

Products and services

AIRMASTER® UK has become the name for a fully developed series of modules meeting highest demands in performance and user friendliness. A permanently further developed airflow system guarantees that the products are treated and smoked very homogeneously with shortest process times in large loads and experience only technologically required weight loss.

AIRMASTER® UKQ AIRJET and AIRMASTER® BKQ AIRJET are the new system concepts with horizontal airflow. This design is recommended if products are mainly treated laying. Even with densely loaded goods, a completely consistent air and smoke distribution can be achieved in short process times.

The customer-specific design of the AIRMASTER® CLIMASTAR series achieves the best production results under consideration of economic parameters for the safe production of uncooked sausages, semi-dry products and raw ham. The airflow system facilitates standardized processes such as pre-maturing, sweating, drying, cold smoking, post-maturing or storing.



The REICH AIRMASTER® UK is a genuine all-rounder. It works with vertical airflow and is perfect for hanging products and is also suitable for lying products with the loading capacity adapted. Its possible applications range from roasting, drying, hot and cold smoking, boiling, hot-air cooking and roasting. If desired, the AIRMASTER® UK can be supplied with corresponding special equipment for maturing, climatic smoking or even high-temperature roasting and for cooling the cooked products.



The AIRMASTER® BKQ AIRJET is a high-performance unit for drying, cooking, roasting and baking at process temperatures up to 300°C. It works with the unique REICH cross-flow circulating air principle, which guarantees maximum performance and short processing times with optimum product quality. It has been designed specifically for products that are placed in GN trays or on grids. Production capacities far above the normal levels can be achieved with its extremely high power reserves.



The AIRMASTER® UKQ AIRJET is the world's best performing cross-flow universal unit. Production capacities far above the normal levels can be achieved with its extremely high power reserves. This universal unit works with a horizontal airflow and has been designed specifically for laying products in the areas of meat, poultry, fish, convenience and vegan products. Depending on the product, up to 35 levels are possible per trolley.

News & Innovations

AIRMASTER® IC InterCooler  AIRMASTER® IC InterCooler AIRMASTER® IC InterCooler is the latest addition to the REICH family. It is a genuine hybrid unit and combines the functions of a universal unit (UK series) with those of an intensive cooling system (IKK series). Consequently, all thermal processes can be realized in a single system, in particular also intensive cooling processes.
It works with vertical airflow and is perfect for hanging products and is also suitable for laying products with the loading capacity adapted.
The possible applications of the AIRMASTER® IC InterCooler are almost unlimited. Not only are the traditional applications of warming, drying, smoking, cooking, roasting, hot-air cooking, etc. possible, so are all the cooling processes from constant rinsing and interval rinsing (with and without fine atomisation) and high quality intensive cooling. For example, the production of sausages in natural gut becomes child's play as a result, and promises a succulent and firm end product in the shortest time.


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