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About us

VEMAG Maschinenbau GmbH has been developing and manufacturing machines and equipment for the food industry for over 70 years. During this period, the company has gained a strong reputation among food producers both at home and abroad. From humble beginnings in the post-war years, the company has grown to become one of the major developers of continuous vacuum fillers.
In recent years, VEMAG has sought to emphasise further the system-specific character of its solutions, i.e. the integration of complex processing steps into the filling and portioning process.
The aim is to establish a modular system comprising standard fillers and tailored attachments that can be flexibly adapted to specific user requirements. One particular highlight is the development of the VEMAG Convenience System that offers users a flexible system for portioning and shaping innovative products. At the same time, the implemented solutions are designed to be seamlessly integrated into complex production lines.

Products and services

Forming line: HP20E + FM250
- For formed products e.g. rissoles, burgers, ribs, nuggets, spiced mince fingers
- High product quality with good texture and natural bite
- Shape of product and product size simple to change
- Up to 300 portions/min. (depending on product)

Sausage line: HP10E + LPG208 + AH212
- Length portioning machine with twin head and optional casing pusher and flexible hanging line
- All-round solution for (almost) all sausage production requirements
- Natural, collagen, polyamid or cellulose casing
- For cooked, raw or fresh sausages
- Very high length and weight accuracy
- Up to 4,400 kg/h (depending on product)
- Flexible hook distances
- Formation of hook groups
- All types of hanging possible

Dough Portioner: R500 + ASV811
- Dough portioner with pneumatic cutter
- Exact portion weights without the need for oil
- For wholegrain bread, rye bread, rye-mix bread, wheat bread, wheat-mix bread, pizza dough, cookies, shortbread
- Highly accurate weights
- Optimum hygiene
- Simple to operate

Forming line

Forming line

The forming line shapes products from meat and vegetable in best quality. Products made with this machine are characterized by a good texture and natural bite. As the forming machine pumps the raw material extremely gently, meat fibres are not crushed or destroyed in contrast to conventional manufacturing methods. The Line can position formed and ground products on the conveyor belt quickly and precisely and in the arrangement that you desire. It also achieves the highest transfer speeds.

Length portioning machine with twin head and optional casing pusher

Length portioning machine with twin head and optional casing pusher

The LPG208 servo length portioning machine links sausages with the utmost accuracy in length and weight. It produces cooked, raw and fresh sausages in natural, collagen and cellulose casings within the caliber range of 13 to 40+ mm. The linking speed adaptable to casing type. The sausages can be transferred to separating machines or to the automatic hanging machine AH212. All types of hanging are possible. The hook distances can be adjusted flexible and hook groups can easily be arranged.

Robot 500 dough portioner with pneumatic cutter ASV811

Robot 500 dough portioner with pneumatic cutter ASV811

VEMAG dough portioners help you to portion exact weights without the need for oil. The Robot 500 can work with any vis¬cosity and processes rye doughs, wheat doughs, stiff shortcrust pastry and soft doughs. It can process a wide range of products in combination with pneuma¬tic cutter 811:
- Wholegrain bread
- Rye bread / rye-mix bread
- Wheat bread / wheat-mix bread
- Pizza dough
- Cookies / shortbread
It is used wherever doughs need to be divided with a high degree of accuracy.

News & Innovations

Loading Lines SL305 and DL302 - Fully automated loading of fresh meat products 

The VEMAG SL305 and DL302 loading lines convey products into trays in a fully automatic process. Minced meat, fresh fried sausage, cevapcici, cheese balls, meat balls, burgers and many more products can be produced one after another with flexibility and efficiency and conveyed to the subsequent p...| » Further reading 

Flexible Fresh Meat Line - Different attachments for all applications on one line 

The flexible fresh meat line allows the production of different products on a single line. The line is suitable for the production and fully automatic loading into trays of burgers, Adana Köfte (Turkish ground lamb meatballs) minced meat, cevapcici, fresh grilling sausages, meatballs, and many ot...| » Further reading 


VEMAG Maschinenbau GmbH
Weserstr. 32
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Phone: +49 4231 777-0

Hoss-Food Offshore
P.O. Box 14
5536 Mazraa - Beirut

Phone: +961 5 801522
Fax: +961 5 801524

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